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Free Education Zambia was an idea which has turned into a vision for children in Zambia. When our founder Peter Hancock visited Zambia, he visited Lusaka on his first morning. Driving out of the city there was a blind woman with a young boy, about 7-8 years old by the side of the road begging. Stopping for them he looked into the little boys eyes and saw such pain and despair he was deeply moved and decided to do something. Further investigation into the situation of children in Zambia revealed:

 That one in five of Zambia's children are orphans.

70% of Zambians live on  $1 a day or less

15% of the country suffer from AIDS.

Education still has to be paid for

 In the west we can't conceive of the poverty Zambians endure. Education has always been seen as the route out of poverty but the free schooling offered by the government is limited and most rely on fee paying schools. This is unaffordable to ordinary Zambian people. Ask a child in the west what they want most and you will perhaps be told a "trip to Disneyland" or similar, ask a Zambian child and all they want is to go to school. So a school is the idea, see the about us page for our vision. If you go to the GALLERY PAGE there are two videos, one is a moving account of three children and the other quite a long description of what the West has done for Zambia to stop the climb out of poverty


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