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Free Education Zambia was an idea which has turned into a vision for children in Zambia. When our founder Peter Hancock visited Zambia, he visited Lusaka on his first morning. Driving out of the city there was a blind woman with a young boy, about 7-8 years old by the side of the road begging. Stopping for them he looked into the little boys eyes and saw such pain and despair he was deeply moved and decided to do something.

Imagine you live with an income which doesn't allow you to feed your family every day. Your young children want more than anything to go to school but the only school would use more than your whole earnings. You live in a house with no water,sanitation or electricity. Imagine the hopeless feeling your day to day life gives you, then imagine your children see this as a normal existence. That's the plight of lots of Zambians.

Imagine then that school is free and the children get fed there. A portable solar light allows homework at home. Just these simple things transform the level of hope for something better. Add to that a bursary to secondary school and the qualifications to get a job and the poverty is reduced further, and expectations of a proper life grow. Free Education Zambia wants to help with your help give these children and their families a better future.


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