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About our vision

When the decision was made to build a school it was clear that if we built a nursery or primary school the position of the children was the same at the end. The education system in Zambia is not equipped to help in the long term , so a 'start to finish' solution is required fro age 3 to age 16. Only by doing this can we hope to see the children's hopes and expectations being directed at something better than they were born into.

With this in mind we hope to build a Nursery school and a primary school. Here the children will get a hot meal and an education. Leaving primary we hope to offer these children a bursary to enable secondary education until 16 and then arrange apprenticeships or help with starting a business. Thus they will be equipped to face the world armed with an education and some skills, maybe leaving their children better placed. In future we have plans for further community programmes to help both individual children and their families but these will not happen immediately

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